Can Thor Beat Juggernaut?

Why is juggernaut evil?

The Juggernaut aka Curt Marko is Professor X’s aka Charles Xavier step brother.

He use to beat Cain and abuse him.

As a result Cain would bully Charles and torment him.

Charles mutant ability to read and control minds began to develop and he read Cain’s mind..

Can Thanos defeat Superman?

No Superman can’t beat Thanos, Thanos has him out classed in every aspect except speed, which is useless for Superman because Thanos can react to characters like Silver Surfer who easily outclasses Superman in speed.

How high can juggernaut jump?

50 ftJuggernaut has shown that he can -ATLEAST- jump 50 ft into the air.

Is juggernaut stronger than Thor?

Juggernaut is one of the strongest and most powerful earthbound beings in the “Normal” Marvel universe. … Juggernaut is physically stronger than Thor.

Can anything stop the juggernaut?

The only character to have stopped Juggernaut while he was in motion as an act of pure physical strength was the Hulk while he was War, a horseman of Apocalypse and empowered with Celestial technology. When Marko gains complete access to the Gem’s powers during the Trion saga, it increases his power a thousandfold.

What is Juggernaut weakness?

For a long time, Juggernaut’s only weakness was psychic attacks. He wore a helmet that acted as his defense against powerful mental strikes. In 2015’s Amazing X-Men #19, Juggernaut voluntarily removes his helmet in the presence of a psychic and declares that all his former weaknesses are gone.

Who would win juggernaut or Rhino?

Originally Answered: Who is more stronger Rhino or Juggernaut? Juggernaut, cains strength is on par with the hulk (Class 100+). Rhino on the other hand is only around the same strength level as thing or colossus (Class 100).

Can Superman break Thor hammer?

No. The same thing happens if you want to break it no matter how much force,weight, or pressure you put it won’t break. The hammer has been shatter a few times but by people so much more powerful than Superman. So no matter how strong or how much power Superman uses he can’t break it.

Can Deadpool beat Thanos?

Thanos already won in Deadpool vs Thanos #1, Thanos later brought him back to life. In the most basic sense, Thanos could kill Deadpool. However, it would truly be Deadpool winning because he could finally be with Mistress Death, whom both he and Thanos are in love with. … Deadpool with the Continuity Gem.

Who can beat juggernaut?

HulkThe Hulk takes on the Juggernaut in an epic battle between two of Marvel’s strongest heroes with the Jade Giant winning thanks to a HUGE hit.

Who would win juggernaut or Doomsday?

Originally Answered: Who would win, Doomsday or Juggernaut? Doomsday would win, hands down. Being inhuman doesn’t win against a monster who can’t die and who’s only goal is to get better and kill unmercifully. Doomsday is stronger than Juggernaut and could rip his armor off if he wanted too.

Can Ironman beat the juggernaut?

Nothing in Iron Man’s arsenal can do anything to Juggernaut, considering Juggernaut took a direct hit from the God-blast of Thor, and was up again within a few panels. Unless Iron Man brings his one-time Godbuster or the Godkiller Mk II. Juggernaut would win.

Can the Hulk die?

Despite popular opinion, the Hulk can indeed die. He is not immortal, just highly invulnerable and his death is certainly possible, although very difficult to actually do. Marvel Comics is a comic book publishing company founded in 1939 under the name Timely Comics.

Can juggernaut beat Thanos?

Without gauntlet: Normal juggernaut can’t defeat Thanos. Thanos is even more powerful than Hulk. However, when juggernaut accessed full power of cyttorak and became Trion Juggernaut, he was elevated to a whole new level. … Juggernaut does not have sufficient strength to harm Thanos in such a way as to achieve victory.

Can juggernaut move Mjolnir?

Since Mjölnir can only be wielded by the worthy, Juggernaut has no chance of lifting it. However, that doesn’t stop him from using it. In most fights against Thor, Thor throws his hammer at full speed towards Juggernaut, but Juggernaut’s mystical force field stops Mjölnir in mid-air.

Can worldbreaker Hulk beat juggernaut?

Trion Juggernaut may be very powerful, enough to go up against world breaker hulk, and may even lay some good punches, but Juggernaut’s strength has limits, and Trion Juggernaut wouldn’t be able to out smart World breaker hulk because this version of hulk has banner’s intelligence and would be able to improvise against …

Who’s stronger juggernaut or Hulk?

As part of the World War Hulk storyline, the Hulk defeated a power-weakened Juggernaut with a single hit. He also has knocked out Juggernaut out cold. … The Hulk is more-or-less a one-trick-pony (that trick is extremely powerful) as he’s just sheer strength and invulnerability.

Can juggernaut lift Thor’s hammer?

Juggernaut cannot lift Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, unless he is deemed worthy by the enchantment that Odin placed on it. that being said, the only beings that can thwart the enchantment are beings on Odin’s level or greater! for instance, Odin’s father Bor, stopped & wielded Mjolnir!

Could the Hulk beat Godzilla?

1 Godzilla Couldn’t Beat: The Hulk Hulk wins against his much bigger opponent because of his potential strength levels. … It would only be a matter of time before he scored a big knockout punch against Godzilla. Of course, their battle would result in untold collateral damage, but that goes without saying.

Can the juggernaut beat Superman?

Few have been able to stand against the Man Of Steel… but the Juggernaut would do more than stand against him. Besides Kryptonite, Superman is vulnerable to magic, and it’s the magic of the god Cyttorak that empowers Juggernaut. Every blow would hurt Superman, and eventually, Juggernaut would knock him out.

How do you kill a juggernaut?

The quick and simple answer is firepower – and the more powerful the better. You want to opt for explosives if you can, whether it’s RPGs or throwing grenades. Not only does this cause more damage, but can stagger a Juggernaut, halting their attacks and allowing you to re-position yourself or retaliate with yours.

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