Is Superman Prime The Strongest?

Is Superman prime the strongest superhero?

Without a doubt, Superman would be one of the most powerful heroes ever created in a comic.

Which means that if we measure the power of Superman Prime with other heroes from both DC and Marvel, without a doubt Superman would be at the top of the food chain, undoubtedly one of the most powerful heroes in the comic..

What is the strongest version of Superman?

10 Strongest Versions Of Superman (In The Comics)1 Superman Prime. Some of Superman’s powers have evolved with time, but after becoming a part of the sun itself the DC One Million Superman Prime became one of the most powerful beings in all of existence.2 Val-Zod. … 3 Thought Robot. … 4 Dark Side Superman. … 5 Bizarro. … 6 All-Star. … 7 Red Son. … 8 Kingdom Come. … More items…•Jan 5, 2021

Can Superman lift Thor’s hammer?

Wonder Woman is the only DC character that it can be said with any degree of certainty can wield Mjolnir. Superman explicitly cannot lift Mjolnir.

Can Flash kill Superman?

Anyway, Flash could kill Superman in a number of ways: Infinite mass punch. He could IMP Superman over and over again. I’m not sure how many times he could do it before his body gives out, but let’s say he IMPs Superman once.

Is Superman Prime immortal?

Immortality: Superman Prime has not visibly aged since the late 20th/early 21st century.

What is the weakest version of Superman?

The weakest version (besides the original) would be Red and Blue Superman. Strongest version is easily Cosmic Armor Superman who is above even the DC’s multiverse.

Can Superman beat Thanos?

1 Winner: Superman Thanos is a powerful and skilled foe but Superman just outclasses in every way. Just to begin with, Thanos is way, way weaker than Superman. … Against all that Thanos just doesn’t stand much of a chance against the Man of Steel. It would still be a good fight but Thanos is going down.

Is anyone stronger than Superman Prime?

There are stronger versions of super man like cosmic armored superman and strange visitor superman. He is no where near the strongest character , in marvel there is toaa, living tribunal and thanos. In dc the spectre anti monitor and god of death flash could all beat superman prime 1 million.

What is Superman prime weakness?

Aside from kryptonite, Superman’s main weakness is red sun radiation. Getting hit with it makes him weaker. In Infinite Crisis, a far more powerful evil Superman named Superboy Prime was defeated by being forced through a red sun by two other Supermen.

Can Superman destroy a universe?

Superman could destroy the universe in lots of ways. … He could fly so fast and so far he could leave the entire universe. He could string planets on a chain and relocate them. His sneezes could destroy entire star systems.

Who can beat Superman Prime in Marvel?

ThanosThanos with the heart of the Universe or the Infinity Guantlet. These could all beat Superman Prime 1 million, there are probably a few more. I think that Superman Prime 1 million was based on Galactus, but Galactus has a few million years of experience on Superman.

Can Thor beat Superman?

Yes, Thor has magic on his side and can hurt Superman. However, Superman has defeated magical foes in the past because he doesn’t just stand there and let them hit him with magic.

Can Giorno beat Superman?

Technically speaking, no but neither can Superman defeat him. … Superman, of course, is much faster than Giorno and could easily speedblitz him, however GER is one of few stands with actual sapience and thus can act without receiving orders of its master.

Is Superman stronger than Thor?

In terms of the power to lift and move large objects, Superman has a stronger edge against Thor. Thor may have been able to move objects that weigh as much as planets, but the Silver Age Superman not only pushed actual planets out of orbit all the time, but even went so far as to move entire galaxies on a whim.

Can Superman beat Hulk?

Superman has beaten Hulk before in the comics, as we’ve seen in the Marvel vs. … However, while the two characters can match each other in strength with Hulk eventually growing stronger than Superman, the Man of Steel has far too many other powers that could help take Hulk out before he got to his maximum enraged levels.

Can Superman become a god?

7 SUPERMAN The gods among the Justice League just keep on coming. … Even though Superman has always been one of the most god-like comic book characters out there, he made it official in this storyline when he became the God of Strength.

Who is faster Flash or Superman Prime?

But as far as I know, The Flash is definitely faster than Superman in terms of actual, raw speed, as I’ve just shown you. I’m not saying Superman is slow at all, since apparently his speed is limitless in potential (which means that he could probably equal Flash’s speed).

Who is stronger Goku or Superman Prime?

“ Goku would DESTROY Superman with ease. … Superman’s most powerful form, Pre-Crisis, is estimated to be about a billion times more powerful than that. Thus, 50 billion power level. Base Goku after Frieza Saga (when Goku returns to Earth) has an estimated Power Level of 150 million.

Who can beat Superman?

Here are 10 ultra-strong beings who might just be able to pull off the impossible against Superman without Kryptonite.1 The Presence. The Presence in the DC Universe is basically the code name for God.2 Mister Mxyzptlk. … 3 Darkseid. … 4 Anti-Monitor. … 5 Parallax. … 6 Doctor Manhattan. … 7 Captain Atom. … 8 Spectre. … More items…•Nov 16, 2020

Can Superman beat Goku?

Superman would while goku is extremely powerful, he would not be able to even hurt superman whose only weakness is magic and kryptonite. goku cannot use magic and if anything, the ki blasts are a form of uv light which would help superman. the only way he could defeat superman would be with the powerpole.

Can Superman Prime defeat Goku?

Yes a macrocosm. Superman prime was knocked out by a universal grade attack. Goku displayed enough striking power in just SSG to shake a universe three times larger than the one that knocked out Superman Prime. UI Goku is clearly superior and has the speed to match.

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