Question: How Long Did It Take For Saitama To Get To Earth?

Who can beat Saitama in anime?

5 anime characters strong enough to beat Saitamazen’ô / Dragon Ball Super.

In short, Zen’ô is none other than the king of 12 Dragon Ball Super-universes.

Ryuk / Death Note.

Ryuk can be seen in the Death Note manga and is none other than a Shinigami.

yu kaito / Yu Yu Hakusho.

Baraggan Louisenbairn.Nov 4, 2020.

Can Saitama survive lava?

The amount of energy contained in the hottest lava is nothing compared to the amount of energy contained in a planet busting punch, it’s completely harmless to Saitama.

Who has survived a punch from Saitama?

BorosBoros was the first enemy who survived a normal punch from Saitama, a notable feat considering all of the previous disasters had been obliterated, while Boros simply had his armor destroyed by the first punch. In fact, Boros was hit with 3 Normal Punches, 1 Consecutive Normal Punches, and 1 Serious Punch.

Can Garou survive Saitama’s punch?

Awakened/Monster form Garou does survive several punches and even a Serious Head Butt from Saitama, which should be relative to a Serious Punch in power, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Saitama would be theoretically incapable of killing Garou with one, fully-power punch if he tried.

Does Saitama have a girlfriend?

He wants a challenging opponent, and no girlfriend (confirmed not gay in episode 3) would help him toward that goal. He never will have one. … The only way Saitama would ever have a girlfriend is if he had one before he became a hero.

Did Garou beat Saitama?

He resolves to carry out his task by bringing back Saitama’s head, but Saitama accidentally punches Garou, knocking him out.

Can Saitama beat Superman?

Saitama has no weaknesses other than the fact that he never fights seriously. He has never been defeated or even harmed, and he is a joke character able to defeat any and all his opponents within one punch. Due to their win/loss ratio and nature of character, it is most likely that Saitama will beat Superman.

Can Saitama lift Mjolnir?

Originally Answered: Could Saitama from One Punch Man wield Thor’s hammer? YES. Saitama is not worthy. But his strength would break through the enchantment’s power and allow him to lift it.

Is Saitama immortal?

Saitama is nither immortal nor invulnerable. He is just a lot stronger than any other creature in the One Punch Man world. But, if he fell into lava, suffocated, drowned, etc. That should kill him.

Can God beat Saitama?

Saitama did not beat God. He beat an EXTRADIMENSIONAL being (4D and up) in a FAN MANGA. If he one punches planetary beings, it’s irrelevant. … Simply because the manga proves his power is finite 3D, and top tier Dragon Ball characters are currently multiversal.

Can Saitama beat Thanos?

If it is the thanos without infinity gauntlet, saitama wins because of his unlimited strength, speed and stamina. … He can’t beat Thanos at all,because he can’t even reach the Mad Titan,or so much as bruise him if he could.

What is Saitama’s weakness?

Saitama does have a weakness. A psychic could throw him into space. This would have to be a powerful psychic though. A psychic that could manipulate gravity into reversing, because using direct psychic attacks on Saitama would be useless due to his willpower which cancels out psychic attacks.

How high can Saitama jump?

He calculated the average distance of the moon from earth and how long it took for Saitama to jump back which gave him a number that reached about two and a half million meters a second or about 69 times the speed of light.

Is Saitama a God?

No he is not a God. But Saitama has broken free of his limiter which bind the physical capabilities of a materialistic body like human body or a monsters body. … He is a normal, average, human being, who became immeasurably strong through his dedication and training to become a hero.

What if Saitama punched himself?

By Newton’s third law, we know that Saitama’s fist and arm receives the same force with which it punches. … Therefore, if he serious-punched himself, he would do no damage because he threw incredibly powerful punches but his fist didn’t even get bruised and neither did his arm get hurt.

Can Saitama beat Hulk?

Hulk has Saitama absolutely beaten as far as feats of strength and durability are concerned by a long shot, and he’ll only become stronger and more durable from there, on top of a ridiculous healing factor.

Can Naruto kill one punch man?

Saitama punched away a planet busting attack with ease. Naruto can do nothing to hurt him. The last villain of the anime was Super Sayian level strong. Naruto can not win as Saitama took an actual death ray to the face like it was nothing.

Did Boros hurt Saitama?

Absolutely not. this is just like when boros thought he “hurt” Saitama. … His clothes were scruffed up, but it was also scruffed up against Asura Rhino, mosquito girl, even against fubuki, a character we know that have no chance at hurting Saitama. He didn’t scrunch up Saitama’s clothes, he kneed him in the stomach.

How long did it take Saitama to get back to earth?

One Punch Man fact: Saitama jumped from the Moon to the Earth and it took him only 1,5 seconds to reach the Earth.

Is Naruto faster than Saitama?

Naruto’s speed has passed the speed of light and there isn’t a possible way for Saitama to defeat that. Naruto’s durability is showcased when he survived a planetary explosion at point-blank range. Saitama may get full marks for putting up a good fight since he undoubtedly is stronger of the two.

Can Goku beat Boros?

Probably easily. Goku is far beyond the strength of Boros. He is capable of destroying several planets, even without his Super Saiyan God form. Boros is strong and fast, but not in Goku’s league.

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