Question: Who Is The Best Batman Villain Besides Joker?

Who is Batman’s greatest enemy besides Joker?

Ra’sHe has one amazing feat in Knightfall and has been a bit of a lame rouge ever since.

Ra’s is probably Batman’s greatest enemy other than Joker..

What villain does Batman hate the most?

10 Most Dangerous Villains Batman Fought Against1 Superman. Though both heroes, Superman’s occasional abuse of power and misguided trust in others place him directly at odds with Batman in several story arcs.2 Red Hood. Red Hood, as portrayed by Jason Todd, is as notorious as he is tragic. … 3 The Joker. … 4 Hush. … 5 Bane. … 6 Scarecrow. … 7 Mr. … 8 Poison Ivy. … More items…•Feb 17, 2021

Who is the Flash’s greatest enemy?

I present to you The Top 10 Most Feared Flash Enemies Of All Time.Gorilla Grodd.Zoom. … Mirror Master. … Captain Boomerang. … Heatwave. … Weather Wizard. … Killer Frost. Killer Frost is a little bit of an anomaly on this list. … Savitar. When he initially appeared, Savitar was nothing more than a pilot. … More items…

Can Superman beat Metallo?

Superman could easily defeat Metallo from vantage points that Metallo cannot reach because Superman can fly, has super speed, and of course heat vision. Unless Metallo employs tactics that allow him to get in close, Metallo should always lose. In fact, he should lose rather quickly.

Why is Batman hated?

It’s because he has been overwhelming to the point where he’s the template for making superheroes or vigilantes dark or make them more antiheroes. Also, some people don’t like how he has been presented in certain films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, or how certain actors portrayed him.

Who is Batman arch enemy?

the JokerOverall, the classic villain, the Joker, has been a prominent member of the Batman franchise, and he has been portrayed in a variety of different ways since the 1960s.

Did Joker kill Batman’s parents?

Joquin Phoenix’s Joker doesn’t kill Bruce Wayne’s parents outright, but he does create a lawless situation that basically causes it to happen. Toward the end of the movie, this version of the Joker has several Joker minions, and a guy in a Joker mask kills Thomas and Martha Wayne, in front of 10-year-old Bruce Wayne.

Who can kill Superman?

Here are 10 ultra-strong beings who might just be able to pull off the impossible against Superman without Kryptonite.3 Darkseid.4 Anti-Monitor. … 5 Parallax. … 6 Doctor Manhattan. … 7 Captain Atom. … 8 Spectre. … 9 Lucifer Morningstar. … 10 Elaine Belloc. … More items…•Nov 16, 2020

Who are the Top 5 Batman villains?

He’s been around since the 1940s and he has done A LOT….The Best Batman VillainsJoker. To no one’s surprise, The Joker is the best of Batman’s villains.Catwoman. … Bane. … Ra’s al Ghul. … Riddler. … Scarecrow. … Talia al Ghul. … Court of Owls. … More items…•Oct 22, 2020

Who was Batman’s first villain?

The JokerThe Joker debuted in Batman #1 (April 1940) as the eponymous character’s first villain, about a year after Batman’s debut in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939).

Who is Batman’s greatest love?

Selena KyleIn the movie, it is known that Bruce Wayne had proposed to Andrea (his girlfriend) in a bid to leave his crime fighting life behind. Unfortunately, she moved away with her father and ended the engagement. Jack James, Big Batman fan, read a lot of comics. Greatest love == Selena Kyle.

Who can doomsday beat?

Darkseid unconsciousDoomsday possessed enormous superhuman strength that, variable as it was, at one point enabled him to effortlessly stand his ground against the entire Justice League, including Superman and Orion. He was able to break Superman’s left arm with limited effort, as well as outmatch and beat Darkseid unconscious in combat.

Who is the most famous villain?

VillainsRankVillainFilm1Hannibal LecterThe Silence of the Lambs (2)2Norman BatesPsycho3Darth VaderThe Empire Strikes Back4The Wicked Witch of the WestThe Wizard of Oz21 more rows

Who is Batman’s greatest villain?

The 15 Greatest Batman Villains Of All Time1 Joker. Sherlock Holmes has Professor James Moriarty while Batman is treated to the Joker.2 Ra’s Al Ghul. While most of Batman’s villains limit their criminal scope to Gotham City, Ra’s Al Ghul operates on a whole other level. … 3 Two-Face. … 4 Harley Quinn. … 5 The Riddler. … 6 Bane. … 7 Hugo Strange. … 8 Scarecrow. … More items…•May 7, 2021

Who is Batman number 1 enemy?

The Joker Batman’sThat, and the fact that the character is quite scary, have made The Joker Batman’s arch nemesis since he appeared in Batman comic #1 back in 1940. Really, The Joker and Batman have been linked together since the very beginning.

Who is Superman’s worst enemy?

Central rogues galleryVillainFirst appearanceThe Kryptonite ManSuperman #650 (May 2006)Lex LuthorAction Comics #23 (May 1940)LoboOmega Men #3 (June 1983)MetalloAction Comics #252 (May 1959)55 more rows

Who has beat Superman?

Here are 10 Characters Who Have Beaten Superman.1 DOOMSDAY. Without a doubt, the individual who’s given Superman the worst beating of his life was the same one who ended it: Doomsday.2 BATMAN. … 3 WONDER WOMAN. … 4 LEX LUTHOR. … 5 DARKSEID. … 6 MUHAMMAD ALI. … 7 TRUCK STOP DINER BULLY. … 8 PROTEX OF THE HYPERCLAN. … More items…•Apr 15, 2020

Are Batman and Joker brothers?

While the Joker movie implied Arthur Fleck could be Batman’s older brother, his actual brother Thomas Wayne Jr. is just as twisted. For the longest time, Batman believed he didn’t have any siblings and that he was an only child. But, in the comics, the real Thomas Wayne Jr. …

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