Question: Why Didn’T Jiraiya Or Kakashi Take Care Of Naruto When He Was Small And Alone They Were Both So Close To Minato?

Who is the 8th Hokage?

KonohamaruMost likely would be Konohamaru.

He has repeatedly stated his intention to be Hokage.

If Kishi ever illustrates another Naruto short story or is part of a movie production in which there is an 8th Hokage, it would be Konohamaru..

Who was Naruto’s first kiss?

HinataHis first real Kiss was with Hinata and so far that was her first Kiss too.

Who is Minato’s dad?

DanWhile people will probably theorize Tsunade and Dan, that wouldn’t make sense, because Tsunade was 14 at the time Minato was born. For all we know, the mother is likely dead, and Dan is Minato’s father.

Who took care of Naruto as a baby?

SarutobiSarutobi took care of Naruto.. He always did .. yet he did not wanted his Hokagestatus to burden Naruto which is why he left him alone as he grew up. Still It was between Sarutobi and Iruka who took care of Naruto.

Who is Naruto’s brother?

Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha (Japanese: うちは イタチ, Hepburn: Uchiha Itachi) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Does Naruto have a Kekkei Genkai?

Naruto has three Kekkei Genkai: Boil Release. Lava Release. Magnet Release.

Did Kakashi ever love Rin?

It has been confirmed that Rin has feelings for Kakashi. Although it is never confirmed whether Kakashi loved her in return, her feelings would further the already great remorse and anguish Kakashi felt over her death.

Why didn’t Kakashi train Naruto and Sakura?

Essentially Kakashi wasn’t really needed, his team was basically “disbanded” as Sauske was gone, Naruto training with Jiraiya, and Sakura learning from Tsunade. … They trained during the whole timeskip as far as we know (She also took the Chunin Exams but that’s it), so there really was no time for him to train her.

Why didn’t jiraiya decide to take care of Naruto when his parents passed away?

And no sane adult would ever take a baby with him/her on a spy mission. Jiraiya maybe a perverted goofball, but he is no fool… And so, instead of letting his emotions run him, he put his emotions aside and made the best decision, he stayed away from Naruto for the sake of Naruto’s safety.

Who is Kakashi’s favorite student?

Kakashi – Naruto: In the June 2006 issue of Shonen Jump, Kakashi stated that Naruto is his favorite student and that although Sasuke is a genius, he is tedious to teach because he learns everything easily, compared to Naruto who is hardworking and who is unpredictable, always surprising Kakashi. A thing he loves.

Did iruka die?

Iruka-sensei was dead. He died on Thursday… Suddenly, he jerked his head up.

Does Naruto get a girlfriend?

Well, Naruto never really had a girlfriend,But in his mind, when he was a kid, Sakura was his girlfriend (he didn’t want to lose to Sasuke). His wife however is Hinata Hyuga.

Why do the Anbu die so easily?

In simple words because the enemy forces were seriously STRONG that ANBU agents were not able to defeat them (as said by Happy Face in the comments). According to me, Naruto’s team is an exceptionally very strong. So there is no doubt that they are stronger.

Who was Kakashi’s first kiss?

Kakashi taught Hanare to look up at the clouds for guidance whenever she felt sad and lonely, this memory she cherished. Kakashi and Hanare accidentally kiss.

Did Minato love Kakashi?

but seriously. Minato also likes Kakashi too. I think he would have been proud that Kakashi is a Hokage, as well as the teacher of Naruto.

Why did Kakashi not take care of Naruto?

Kakashi, as a Jonin, had his obligations to the Hokage first, and everyone else second. He was still young when Minato asked him to watch over his pregnant wife, and was ultimately inexperienced with handling new borns. He would have had a hard time raising Naruto, which would have affected his ninja training.

Why did no one take care of Naruto?

Naruto is a jinchuuriki and no one liked jinchuuriki. This is literally the main reason why no one took care of him. He also couldn’t be given to a clan otherwise it would have looked like the Hokage was favouring one clan above the other; giving them more power than the rest.

Why is Hinata so hated?

To hate Hinata is like hating chocolate. … I think Hinata is an underdeveloped wish fulfilment character. She’s bland. She exists solely to be Naruto’s love interest and she can’t stand by herself as a character.

Who is Kakashi’s crush?

Kakashi Hatake Rin developed a crush on Kakashi while they were in training together due to the fact that Kakashi was a genius, skipping ahead of his classmates. Every time Kakashi was promoted, Rin would plan a surprise party for him.

Does Naruto see Kakashi’s face?

Although Naruto and his friends don’t get to see Kakashi’s face, fans get to see the full glory of his bishounen looks as he removes his disguise.

Why didnt Kakashi and Jiraiya take care of Naruto?

Jiraiya didn’t take care of Naruto because of feeling and safety. When Jiraiya found out that the nine-tails attacked Konoha he must’ve been worried and to hear that ANOTHER of his students has died before their time he would’ve been devastated.

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