Question: Why Is Brightburn Evil?

Is Brightburn a villain?

Brandon Breyer, otherwise better known as Brightburn, is the titular protagonist villain of the 2019 super villain horror film of the same name.

He ends up crash landing in Brightburn, Kansas, where he is adopted by a couple unable to have children.

He was portrayed by Jackson A.

Dunn in his first villainous role..

What is the story behind Brightburn?

It follows Brandon Breyer, a young boy of extraterrestrial origin reared on Earth who realizes he has superpowers. Upon learning of them and being brainwashed by the ship he arrived in, Brandon rejects his humanity and turns to evil, opting to terrorize his hometown, including his parents.

Who all died in Brightburn?

List of deaths in Brightburn (2019)No.NameCause of death1.Erica ConnorMutilated2.Noah McNicholCar flipped over, jaws ripped, died from shock3.Kyle BreyerShot through head with heat vision4.Sheriff DeeverRan over, body dismemberment2 more rows

Did Brightburn kill his aunt?

Brandon shows up at her house late at night and threatens her, telling her it would be “bad” for everyone if she did what she said. He sneaks into her house but never kills her. … Brandon never kills his aunt, as easy as that would be.

What does the Brightburn symbol mean?

The blue is representing Brandon being innocent and the red represents Brandon when he becomes Brightburn. Everytime that Brandon commits a murder or leaves destruction in his wake, he marks the area with this symbol.

What is Brightburn weakness?

· 1y. Love. Love is Brightburn’s weakness!

Who beat Brightburn?

Brightburn: 10 Superheroes Who Could Easily Be Villains1 The Spectre. The final superhero who would make an awesome supervillain to make this list is DC’s The Spectre.2 Charles Xavier. … 3 Thor. … 4 Superman. … 5 Scarlet Witch. … 6 Mr. … 7 Wolverine. … 8 Ant-Man. … More items…•Jul 16, 2019

Do they kill Brightburn?

Brightburn ends in a final confrontation between Tori Breyer (Elizabeth Banks), the mother who adopted the alien Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn), and her monstrous child. … “She killed her son and then I think we all kinda realized the movie is about the kid. He has to survive.

Is Brightburn a Kryptonian?

Their Superman is called Ultraman, and if you’ve seen Brightburn, his origin is going to sound very familiar. Kal-Il (as opposed to Kal-El) was rocketed to Earth from Krypton, and on his journey absorbed lessons and ideology from his father, Jor-Il. … Obviously, Brightburn is not officially a Superman movie.

Is Brightburn a slasher?

Released to critical disinterest in 2019, Brightburn was a horror reimagining of Superman’s iconic backstory, telling the tale of a withdrawn young outcast who is adopted by loving parents, but soon brainwashed into terrorizing his small town by the same spaceship he arrived on Earth in.

Can DC Sue Brightburn?

DC Comics have announced they are filing a lawsuit against both Sony and James Gunn for damages to the image of one of their most famous characters, Superman. The popular comic books publisher is citing evidence of such defamation with Sony’s new horror film, Brightburn.

What happens after Brightburn?

The Ending To Brightburn Using his powers to intimidate and murder those who would try to make him answer for his deeds, Brandon eventually kills his parents. He kill his father Kyle (David Denman) on what’s supposed to be a camping trip, but was secretly Kyle’s attempt at killing his son.

How did Erica die in Brightburn?

Death. Erica was killed when Brandon attacks her at the diner where she worked. … She escapes into the freezer but Brandon lasers through the door and then jump scares her to death. Erica’s body was later found gutted and hung on the wall in the Breyer’s barn by Tori.

Is Brightburn DC or Marvel?

It’s no secret that Brightburn—the superhero-themed horror movie from producer James Gunn—owes its existence to DC comics’ poster boy, Superman. After all, it’s a dark retelling of the same story that ends with Krypton’s last son becoming an unstoppable villain.

Is Brightburn an evil Superman?

Brightburn isn’t technically a Superman adaptation, but their origin stories are notably and purposely similar. And in the DC Comics universe, Superman actually does turn evil in a number of storylines, most notably in the Injustice: Gods Among Us graphic novel universe.

Will there be a Brightburn 2?

The upcoming sequel to the horror-thriller hit BRIGHTBURN is set to be released in 2021-22. … BRIGHTBURN 2 will also star Dermot Mulroney, Jackson A. Dunn, and Julianna Guill.

Is Brightburn a Zod?

The movie is on fire stick already and trust me it does not end like that. It’s as if instead of Jor-el sending Kal-el to earth to be a hero, Zod (or someone else equally nefarious) sent a child to “take the world” instead. …

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