Question: Would Hakai Work On Doomsday?

Who would win Thanos or Doomsday?

However, if doomsday fought Thanos, then THanos would win, but Doomsday would probably come back immune to however Thanos killed him, Doomsday will eventually overpower Thanos if he comes back enough times IMO..

Can Beerus destroy immortals?

Can Beerus’ Hakai destroy an immortal and someone who is invincible? … He can destroy immortal beings like Ghosts because he is erasing them. However, he cannot kill/erase someone stronger than him. An example of this is shown in the Dragon Ball super manga, when Goku used Hakai on Zamasu.

Can whis kill Superman?

Whis will stomp superman. Whis is an angel, and the martial arts teacher of beerus, who is a God of destruction. … So no way superman can beat him, no matter how strong he is.

Is Goku immune to hakai?

Frieza, Goku and Vegeta have all been shown to be resistant to the power of Hakai energy (even though he couldn’t break free of it due to being in his base form, unlike Golden Frieza, Goku was able to keep himself from being destroyed until Beerus ended up bailing out the Saiyan), so why wouldn’t a natural user of the …

Would hakai work on Superman?

So can the Hakai destroy Superman? No, not really. Okay so, the Hakai is a God of Destruction ability that destroys anything.

Can Beerus hakai Superman?

No. Beerus using Hakai would not destroy Superman. … Superman has tanked attacks similar to The Hakai.

Is Jiren stronger than Thanos?

so in conclusion Thanos is stronger faster and also smarter then jiren.

Can Angels use hakai?

A GoD’s hakai would most likely not work on the angel anyways. All angels seem to be much stronger than all of the God of Destructions, and hakais only seem to work when the being using the hakai is stronger than the victim.

Can hakai kill Rimuru?

So yes, he very much gets erased. Except as far as we know all hakai does is erase you body and soul which Rimuru can come back from.

Is Frieza immune to hakai?

Frieza was able to resist the Hakai because he have enough Ki to expense to withstand the erasure. … You have to take note the even though Frieza was already in his weakened and wounded state, Frieza was still able to generate a power capable enough to blow an entire planet.

Can Beerus destroy whis?

No. Whis and the angels are known to be far beyond the power of their respective gods of destruction. They also have mastered the Ultra Instinct abilities Goku just now learned, an ability Gods of destruction don’t have. … Despite what Whis says in the Anime, there are things that Beerus can’t Hakai or kill.

Why did Beerus kill Zamasu?

So Zamasu wanted to go in future so that he can make wish for his immortality. He wanted to kill the Supreme Kai Gowasu and take time ring to travel in future. … So Beerus stop him taking time ring and traveling in the future and becoming Immortal.

Can Beerus hakai Buu?

Beerus is the strongest being in the Universe. His position would make his Hakai absolute on anything in-Universe. Buu was a creation within the Universe. He can destroy Buu.

Can Jiren beat doomsday?

Stalemate. Jiren can’t kill Doomsday , and Doomsday is too weak to harm Jiren.

Is doomsday immune to existence erasure?

He is COMPLETELY immune to Omega Beams and therefore the Omega Sanction, which has a similar effect to hakai which is a form of reality erasure, implying that Doomsday has some level of reality anchorage.

Can Broly beat doomsday?

Doomsday may be superior to Broly in raw strength, but he can’t fly, has no energy projection abilities and is able to be defeated by physical force. … So Broly in the initial fight until X.

Who can kill Doomsday?

Ok, so we all know how great a villain Doomsday is. He is super strong, super fast, super determined, etc. But the one thing that makes him stand out of the crowd is that he always come back from the dead. The only way to completely destroy him is through the power of entropy (or so say some comics).

Can hakai Destroy Angels?

Angels are immortal and the Hakai cannot destroy immortal beings. Even someone like Future Zamasu, who was much weaker than the Angels, could not be destroyed by Beerus. Also, we don’t really know if Zeno can erase Angels.

Can Beerus use hakai on Goku?

In the manga, Goku initially believes that Hakai can destroy an immortal like Future Zamasu, but Beerus later confirms it cannot.

Is doomsday stronger than Jiren?

Jiren wins the first fight, Doomsday beats him the rest. Once Jiren hurts him/kills him, Doomsday would adapt, and instantly become his equal, if not greater. It’s just how Doomsday is. No beating him unless you have Reality warping abilities.

Who is stronger doomsday or Darkseid?

Doomsday is stronger in a one on one at any given moment, even though Darkseid could win. They have fought before, and Doomsday won by a land slide. Even if Darkseid where to somehow win, Doomsday would just come back stronger and win in the long haul.

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