Quick Answer: Did Agatha Kill WandaVision Twins?

Did Agatha kill the twins in WandaVision?

And Wanda didn’t kill her, either; just condemned her to live a quiet life trapped within the role of the nosy neighbor Agnes.

In the comics, Agatha has served as Wanda’s mentor in magic, and the finale still left that door cracked open..

Did Agatha Harkness eat the Twins?

WandaVision’s surprising reveal in episode 7 may result in the invention that Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) devoured Scarlet Witch’s youngsters.

What did Agatha do with Billy and Tommy?

In this arc, the Avengers discovered that Wanda’s children were actually made using pieces of Mephisto’s soul, which had been broken into pieces and scattered across the globe. In order to save the team, Agatha allowed Mephisto to reabsorb the children and erased them from Wanda’s memory.

Is Wanda evil now?

As of now, Wanda remains a stable person, but based on how much she has suffered there’s a good chance she might turn evil in the future if only to save her kids.

What powers do Wanda’s twins have?

Rather than being born again as Wanda and Vision’s biological children, though, their souls are reincarnated in two boys named William Kaplan and Thomas Shepherd. Billy discovers that he has magic powers—such as being able to generate electrokinetic energy from his hands—after he gets bullied at school for being gay.

Did Agatha kill the dog?

Plus, we learned that Agatha Harkness killed Sparky the dog, the WandaVision household’s pet. That’s unforgivable. So, who is Agatha Harkness, and what havoc has she been wreaking on Wanda’s life in Westview?

Why did Agatha kill Sparky?

Agatha killed Sparky because she wanted a reason for Wanda to use her powers. Why? Because she wanted to use it to build her basement “lair”. You see, when Sparky died, the twins asked their mom to bring her back to life.

Is Agatha Harkness good or evil?

7 Agatha Is A Powerful Witch Agatha Harkness hid her powers for a long time, but eventually, she revealed to the Fantastic Four that she was a witch. Not only was Agatha a witch, but she was a very powerful sorcerer, one of the strongest known at the time.

Is Agatha more powerful than Wanda?

However, after the WandaVision finale, it’s clear the show’s real villain, Agatha Harkness, is way more powerful than the Mad Titan as she often surpasses Wanda, despite the outcome of their fight.

Did Billy and Tommy die?

In WandaVision, the Maximoff-Vision boys were disintegrated as Wanda lifted the Hex from Westview. … These versions of Billy and Tommy, born to completely different families, were reincarnated versions of the boys Wanda and Vision lost.

Will Agatha die WandaVision?

Agatha Harkness is not dead, and that’s a very good thing. Kathryn Hahn’s villainous witch was one of the highlights of the WandaVision experience from its very first episode, long before her real identity was even revealed in the series.

What happened to Wanda’s twins in WandaVision?

Wanda did get a form of a happy ending. Mephisto absorbed the twins back into himself. But the boys ultimately destroyed the trickster from within. All thanks to the powers their mother had imbued them with.

Why does Wanda kill Agatha?

Scarlet Witch They captured Agatha and killed her by burning her at the stake. … She claimed that Scarlet Witch’s children were actually fragments of the soul of Mephisto and wiped Wanda’s memory of her children rather than fight to free the two from Mephisto when he reabsorbed the two.

Did Agatha bite a kid?

There’s an early bit of foreshadowing when Agnes jokes to a reluctant Billy and Tommy, “I promise I won’t bite.” The show then immediately cuts to Agnes’s couch confessional, where she admits she actually did bite a kid once.

Will Billy and Tommy survive?

In the comics, Mephisto is directly involved with Billy and Tommy. After Wanda learns they never existed and her subsequent breakdown, Billy and Tommy vanish as they did at the end of WandaVision. It is later revealed that they were actually fragments of Mephisto’s soul.

Is Sparky dead WandaVision?

Death. Sparky is killed by Agatha Harkness Agatha Harkness killed Sparky, and later, the boys and Wanda went looking for Sparky, who had run off. … She told them that he had eaten leaves from her plants, and that she found him after he was already dead.

Did Agatha eat the Twins in WandaVision?

Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) may have eaten Scarlet Witch’s children in WandaVision. … Just one episode after tipping off Vision (Paul Bettany) about his death at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, Agnes was revealed as an antagonist who has been manipulating events in Westview for quite some time now.

Is Agatha Harkness a villain in WandaVision?

Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes in WandaVision Was Marvel Villain Agatha Harkness All Along. And the clues were there from the start.

Does Billy and Tommy die in WandaVision?

WandaVision’s finale sees Scarlet Witch’s twins disappear, but here’s how Billy and Tommy might still be alive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and could return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. … The WandaVision finale confirmed that this isn’t possible.

What happened to Billy and Tommy WandaVision Episode 7?

A mystery is solved in Episode 7 of ‘WandaVision’ Wanda realizes the twins are nowhere to be found and goes to search for them in Agnes’ basement. Agnes then reveals that she is actually Agatha Harkness. … The episode ends with the fate of Tommy and Billy unknown.

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