Quick Answer: How Does Punisher Kill Spider-Man?

How does the Punisher kill Marvel?

Castle kills him and heads out to wipe out the last remaining hero – Daredevil.

But upon killing him and realizing that Daredevil is secretly Matt Murdock, an old friend and his only defender.

Punisher eventually turns his gun against himself and commits suicide..

Why does the Punisher kill himself?

So in this sense he kills to protect. So basically overall the Punisher’s mission and purpose of killing is to protect people but he does enjoy it on ocassion.

Is Punisher a hero or villain?

The Punisher (real name: Frank Castle) from Earth-616 is perhaps one of the best examples of an anti-hero – created and owned by Marvel Comics, this vigilante is both a protagonist (with his own series and film franchise) and an antagonist. He has also allied himself with the Thunderbolts.

How did Punisher kill Ghost Rider?

The Punisher Killed Marvel’s New Ghost Rider Without Anyone Realizing. … However, their master double-crossed them by granting Blaze the ability to become the Ghost Rider and return to Earth to seek revenge on his murderers.

Which Punisher is the best?

Here are the five best versions of The Punisher and the five worst.1 WORST: THE END.2 BEST: JON BERNTHAL. … 3 WORST: JAKE GALLOWS. … 4 BEST: RAY STEVENSON. … 5 WORST: DOLPH LUNDGREN. … 6 BEST: WAR ZONE (COMICS) … 7 WORST: GUARDIAN ANGEL. … 8 BEST: DIRTY LAUNDRY. … More items…•Apr 29, 2020

Why did Billy Russo turn on Frank Castle?

William “Billy” Russo was a child abuse victim who became a Marine Corps veteran, serving with Frank Castle who Russo then became close friends with. … Russo’s desire for power led him to betray Castle, allowing Rawlins to assassinate Castle’s family.

Would Punisher kill Spider-Man?

Though he would fail to kill Spider-Man, Frank would come to encounter the Wall Crawler several times going forward. The two would actually find themselves allies about as often as they are opponents. Due to this, Frank Castle has certainly lost a few rounds against the Spider, but he has also won a few himself.

What kind of people did the Punisher kill?

Castle becomes the Punisher, a vigilante dedicated to eradicating every superhuman from the planet. He slaughters Spider-Man and Venom. He shoots Bruce Banner. He kills Doctor Doom, the Avengers, the X-Men, Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, and… well, okay, so he kills every superhero on the planet.

Who wins Batman or Punisher?

Despite superseding the Dark Knight in several areas and breaking even in others, the Punisher loses to Batman in a battle. There’s a possibility the Punisher could get the better of Batman in a chance first encounter, but Batman’s superior skills, training, and resources would quickly tip the scales in his favor.

Has the Punisher ever killed an innocent?

In non-canon comics, yes. In The Punisher kills The Marvel Universe he’s a villain. In Punisher MAX by Garth Ennis, he is also somewhat a villain. He still kills criminals in MAX but he will kill an innocent if they get in his way.

Why did the Punisher kill Deadpool?

The Punisher had to kill Deadpool multiple times, which serves as a running joke throughout the comic. … To make sure he won’t come back, he chops Deadpool into pieces and buries him around the city.

Should you watch daredevil before Punisher?

Should I watch Daredevil Season 2 before watching The Punisher Season 1 on Netflix? Absolutely YES. Punisher is introduced in this season and also big part of the season and if you miss this then you’ll connect a little less with the character.

Who is stronger Daredevil or Punisher?

He has beaten up whole special forces units without firing a shot. For all of that, the Punisher fights with guns, and Daredevil fights with his whole body. … Punisher may be strong, but Daredevil is far stronger.

Did The Punisher kill Captain America?

Captain America Surrenders Early on in this story line, The Punisher is given one of his greatest tests: killing his hero, Captain America. It’s here that The Punisher teams up with Captain America, Wolverine and Deadpool to stop the enraged and infected Hulk.

Is the Punisher a bad guy?

Initially Marvel Comics introduced The Punisher as a villain for their character of Spider-Man. … The Punisher is supposed to be an “antihero”, but his actions make the designation more for the needs of the various stories in which he is portrayed than it is a factual assessment of the character and his conduct.

Who would win Ironman vs Batman?

In the world of comic books, Iron Man would almost certainly destroy Batman. But in a world without portable fusion reactors, Tony Stark is limited by real-world power sources, while Batman is only limited by his physical endurance.

Did The Punisher kill Wolverine?

2 Answers. The Punisher blew up all of the other X-Men and most of the major X-Men villains in a giant nuclear explosion on the moon. He then attacked Wolverine whilst he was drunk from drowning his sorrows after losing most of his friends.

Could the Punisher beat Daredevil?

Assuming The Punisher for some reason regards Daredevil as a criminal, he would win eventually. Unfortunately for Daredevil, he would need to win every time. The Punisher only needs to win once, and it would be done and over with Daredevil.

Can Daredevil beat Batman?

Batman is superior to Daredevil when it comes to strength, intelligence, fighting skill, leadership, durability and also speed (He’s shown better speed feats than Daredevil such as deactivating two automated sentries that are aiming at him before they can fire.

How many people did Frank Castle kill in Netflix Punisher?

We Saw 4 Minutes of Netflix’s ‘The Punisher,’ and He Killed 3 People.

Who would win Punisher vs Captain America?

If the punisher is hunting Cap then he could kill him with a sniper rifle from distance. If you mean a one on one, hand to hand fight Cap would win. Frank is a highly trained soldier and an amazing fighter, but, Cap is considered to be one of the best hand to hand fighters in the Marvel Universe.

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