Quick Answer: How Much Can The Punisher Bench Press?

Why does Punisher kill micro?

Also, Frank killed Micro to show that he judges all with the same method, regardless of his attachment two them.

As stated in the first volume which also contains his death, Frank had only ever given one man the option to run (That guy that cheated on his wife and came to console Frank after his family was killed)..

Is micro a bad guy?

Ominous codename notwithstanding, Micro isn’t really a bad guy — unless you’re Frank Castle. … Unfortunately for Frank Castle — who was also a member of Cerberus — the commanding officer (William Rawlins, aka Agent Orange) assumed he was the leak, and set out to eliminate both him and David to tie up loose ends.

How much can the Punisher lift?

Natural Peak Human: The highest limit a human man can over-head lift is at least 600 lbs, but no more than 700 lbs. For example, Kingpin – 650 lbs, Punisher – over 500 lbs, Colossus – 700 lbs, [citation needed] etc. The highest limit a human woman can over-head lift is at least 200 lbs, but no more than 300 lbs.

Is Punisher a hero or a villain?

The Punisher (real name: Frank Castle) from Earth-616 is perhaps one of the best examples of an anti-hero – created and owned by Marvel Comics, this vigilante is both a protagonist (with his own series and film franchise) and an antagonist. He has also allied himself with the Thunderbolts.

Can Punisher beat Batman?

Despite superseding the Dark Knight in several areas and breaking even in others, the Punisher loses to Batman in a battle. There’s a possibility the Punisher could get the better of Batman in a chance first encounter, but Batman’s superior skills, training, and resources would quickly tip the scales in his favor.

Could the Punisher beat Captain America?

The Punisher is a very well trained and experienced human. Captain America is an enhanced super soldier who has been trained in almost every form of hand to hand combat. The only way the Punisher wins against Cap is if he takes him by complete surprise.

How did Punisher die?

The MAX version of the Punisher ends with the character’s death. After killing the Kingpin, Castle dies from his own wounds in issue #21 of PunisherMAX. He is buried in issue #22 as his death sparks a public uprising and killing of the city’s criminals.

Can Punisher beat Wolverine?

4 Beaten: Wolverine However, the Punisher has actually been able to overpower Wolverine, in a particularly humiliating way as well. After realising that he couldn’t win in a head on fight, Punisher actually surrendered to Daredevil, Spider-Man and Wolverine.

What beer does Frank Castle drink?

After a long day of killing criminals and pursuing his own brand of justice, Punisher would find a quiet bar in New York. Frank is a man of simple tastes, so I’d see him choosing a beer like Brooklyn lager. It’s the kind of classic American drink that appeals to his blunt personality.

How does the Punisher train?

“My training is a mix,” he explains. “In the morning, it’s strength work and metabolic conditioning. start with strength work – the classics with bodybuilding and supersetting, using five sets of three reps at a maximum weight. There is also about 20-30 minutes of metcon, to get that movement and agility right.

Why does Punisher hate Spiderman?

8 Punisher Can’t Stand Spider-Man’s Self-Righteousness This was most evident in Punisher’s Marvel Knights run. He scolded Spider-Man for being an inexperienced teenaged vigilante whose misplaced idealism stopped him from exacting justice properly (read: killing criminals).

Does Frank Castle lose an eye?

Castle beat Rawlins for his lack of empathy permanently blinding him in the left eye and would have killed him, if Billy Russo hadn’t pulled him off.

How much did Jon Bernthal weight for the Punisher?

170 lbs.Not sure about you, but Punisher is easily one of our favorite heroes. Let’s go over some Jon Bernthal stats to get started with this. Weight: (approximate) 170 lbs.

Can the Punisher kill Thanos?

He could hold up Thanos long enough for someone to get help, or fix a problem they have. Frank is pretty resilient and head strong. But at the end of the day, Thanos, with no gauntlet, will give Frank his family back… when he kills him.

How did Punisher kill Ghost Rider?

The Punisher Killed Marvel’s New Ghost Rider Without Anyone Realizing. … However, their master double-crossed them by granting Blaze the ability to become the Ghost Rider and return to Earth to seek revenge on his murderers.

Why does the Punisher limp?

He takes off from his place with a limp, presumably to throw off Micro’s gait recognition software. … While he has The Punisher right where he wants him, Wolf reveals that the Central Park Massacre was really a front to kill Frank because they thought he leaked the video to Micro.

What is the power of Punisher?

Power of the Punisher Thanks to the help of technology genius Microchip, the Punisher possesses an armored combat vehicle dubbed Battle Van. The Van is equipped with advanced computer equipment, weaponry, bullet repletion, and the capability to travel at extremely high speeds.

Does Frank Castle enjoy killing?

The Punisher does what he does to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. At the same time, he does enjoy the killing. He revels in the planning, the tactics, the wait, and the final kill.

How dangerous is Punisher?

Punisher has been rated as one of the most dangerous criminals alive, he is constantly training and he exercises fanatically to maintain his impressive physical conditioning and stamina. When a battle breaks out between the Avengers and the X-Men .

Is Punisher stronger than Captain America?

The Punisher is an excellent marksman with a HUGE arsenal of weapons. Captain America, on the other hand is a genetically engineered Super Soldier. Both have seen war, both have discipline. Physically, Captain America has increased strength and reflexes.

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