Quick Answer: What Is Spider-Man’S Weakness?

What flaws can a hero have?

10 Common Examples of Character Flaws in LiteratureAbusive.

Being abusive is a character flaw many literary villains possess.


Addiction is another common plot device used to move a story forward or create conflict in the character’s life.

Excessive Pride.





Lust for Power.More items….

Is Peter Parker selfish?

Peter is selfish and acts as Spider-Man out of a sense of duty rather than want.

What is Peter Parker’s weakness?

Memory Loss17 Weakness: Memory Loss This is an unusual weakness for Peter Parker, but it’s kind of hard to deny that the guy loses his memory a lot. Maybe he’s just got a vulnerable brain or its some sort of chemical thing within him, but Parker seems to be particularly prone to this comics trope.

Who is the oldest avenger?

ThorThor. Thor is the oldest official Avenger at about 1,505 years of age. He mentions his age for the first time during Avengers: Infinity War, which would put his birth date around 518 CE. However, some sources say that Thor’s birth date is around 965 CE, but this might be information from the comics.

What is Tony Stark’s favorite song?

Back in BlackAC/DC are an Australian rock band. Their song “Back in Black” is featured in Iron Man and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Their song “Shoot to Thrill” is featured in The Avengers.

What is Loki’s favorite food?

Foods: Loki likes sweet foods, sometimes bordering on sickeningly sweet. Candy (Atomic Fireballs, Pez, Pixie Sticks, etc), cookies/pastries, caramel apples. Speaking of apples, He also seems to like red foods, like Red Velvet Cake.

Can Spider-Man beat Hulk?

Few in the Marvel Universe are strong enough to take down the Hulk, but Spider-Man proved that brute strength isn’t always necessary – the only thing he needed to beat the angry green giant was a solid sense of humor.

Who is the most stubborn superhero?

ThorThor stubborn superhero, The mightiest Avengers of all is none other than Thor, the God of Thunder. However, he is the most stubborn Avenger as well. In 1963’s Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s Avengers comic series, he didn’t ask anybody to help him. He hung onto his pride and guns till the end.

Is Spider-Man the weakest avenger?

Let us see! Spider-Man is definitely not the weakest Avenger, or the weakest superhero. There are weaker superheroes than him, but when compared to some powerhouse names, he is also not among the strongest. Marvel Comics is a comic book publishing company founded in 1939 under the name Timely Comics.

What is Spider-Man’s fatal flaw?

Spiderman possesses a tragic flaw, himself v uncles killer. Since he wanted revenge and killed him. Spiderman has a cleansing, after he got bit he turned into a superhero who protects tge city and saves and protects civilians for justice and honor.

Who’s the most powerful Avenger?

Power scale: 7. Hulk has traditionally been seen as the strongest Avenger physically — and for good reason, though he’s been subdued by both Iron Man and Thor.

What is Thor’s favorite snack?

Favourite street food: Pulled Pork Sandwich. He loves sandwiches. Too much.

What is Aquaman’s weakness?

Aquaman’s strengths are communicating with all the sea creatures telepathically, he can see and breathe underwater, and he has a tough hide that bullets and knives can’t penetrate. Aquaman’s weaknesses are any weapons that can dehydrate him and Atlantan steel.

Can a bullet kill Spider-Man?

It’s a legit question. Generally, no, Spider-man is NOT bulletproof. All the versions of Spider-man have spider-sense and really fast reflexes, so they are REALLY hard to shoot.

Is Spider-Man faster than Captain America?

Spider-Man is stronger, faster, and tougher than Captain America. Spidey has mastered his particular altered fighting style, but it’s unique to him and his spinoiff characters. Cap has mastered most human fighting styles plus his shield slinging combat form.

Does Spiderman get cold?

Spidey does get cold. At various times he’s worn a thermal layer under his suit, especially when it snows, but remember the following factors: He’s got superhuman durability. He might feel cold, but it doesn’t affect him as badly as it would a normal human.

What is Spider-Man afraid of?

ArachnophobiaArachnophobia is the fear of arachnids such as spiders and scorpions….ArachnophobiaReal NameArachnophobiaFamily and FriendsClaustrophobia2 more rows

What’s Spider-Man’s Favourite food?

Peter Parker is a huge fan of everything that comes out of Aunt May’s kitchen, but his absolute favorite has to be her cherry pie. Thank goodness he didn’t inherit a spider’s taste for insects along with its powers.

Can Superman pick up Thor’s hammer?

So, there you have it: yes, Superman is capable of wielding Mjolnir, although he was only seen to have done so on an emergency basis — and, in fact, it appears that Wonder Woman is more unconditionally worthy of the weapon than he.

Can Spider-Man dodge a bullet?

though he can’t move faster than a bullet nor see one coming, Spider-Man’s Spidey-sense allows a precognition that enables him to seem to dodge bullets. Instead of being fast enough to move after the bullet is fired, the Spidey-sense makes Peter instinctively move to to a safe position before the shot is taken.

Can I become Spider-Man?

It’s possible that you might get spider powers from a radioactive/genetically modified spider, but it’s highly unlikely. Even if you do, they won’t be like Spider-Man’s. You might get the ability to cling to surfaces, but you could also grow extra arms, sprout 6 more eyes, or turn into a literal spider mutant.

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