Quick Answer: Will There Be A Justice League 2?

Will there be a Justice League 2 movie?

Justice League Part TwoJustice League/Sequels.

Did Affleck quit Batman?

In an interview published Tuesday by The New York Times, the two-time Oscar winner said his struggles with alcohol, his divorce from Jennifer Garner, and a “troubled shoot” on Justice League prompted him to abandon the role of Bruce Wayne.

Who will play Superman next?

It’s been four years since fans have seen Henry Cavill suit up in the blue and red suit as Superman. 2017’s Justice League was the Man of Steel’s most recent appearance in the DC Extended Universe film series….Odds for Who Will Play Superman in Upcoming Movie Reboot.ActorOddsTyler Hoechlin+1000Henry Cavill+12005 more rows•Mar 3, 2021

What’s next after Justice League?

FilmsFilmU.S. release dateJustice LeagueNovember 17, 2017AquamanDecember 21, 2018Shazam!April 5, 2019Birds of PreyFebruary 7, 20206 more rows

Why did Ben Affleck stop being Batman?

Ben Affleck has revealed that one of the reasons he quit the forthcoming film The Batman was over drinking fears. In a new, wide-ranging interview in The New York Times, the actor said his struggles with alcohol and his divorce from Jennifer Garner contributed to his decision to leave the franchise.

Will Shazam be in Justice League Snyder cut?

The 2019 Zachary Levi-starring superhero movie included a Superman Easter egg during its final scene – even though Henry Cavill didn’t reprise his role – and Shazam has been part of the Justice League in the comics.

How did Superman die?

How Superman died before Justice League. … Superman picks up Batman’s Kryptonite spear, and stabs Doomsday with it. Doomsday stabs him too and Superman is weak enough from all of the various stabbings and explosions that Doomsday’s stab proves fatal.

Why Zack Snyder daughter killed herself?

No statement came from the police or the family about her death. However, the coroner’s report shows that she might have been suffering from depression. How did Autumn Snyder die? According to the report, Autumn’s blood had Acute Citalopram and Diphenhydramine intoxication.

Is Cavill returning to Superman?

There’s a lot of justice to be done for Superman. The status is: You’ll see.” Fast forward a few months and Variety reported that Henry Cavill will return as Superman in an unnamed future DC movie. … He told Variety in a separate interview in June 2020 that “I hope that I get to play more of Superman in years to come.”

Why did Zack Snyder not come out with Justice League?

Still, Snyder has reiterated that the decision to leave “Justice League” was “100%” his own, and that he left because at the time he had “zero energy” to fight the studio. Ezra Miller, from left, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot in a scene from “Justice League.”

Who is the villain in Justice League 2?

Superman18. Superman was the main villain of Justice League 2.

Will Snyder cut get a sequel?

Justice League Snyder Cut Won’t Get a Sequel, Warner Bros. CEO Ann Sarnoff Says.

Can Superman hold Thor’s hammer?

It was later revealed that although Superman was honorable enough to wield Thor’s hammer, he does not possess the heart of a warrior, and so Odin temporarily took away the hammer’s enchantment so that Superman could save the day.

Who killed Darkseid?

OrionFinal Crisis. As prophesied, Orion returns to Earth via boom tube for his final battle with Darkseid. During the massive fight, Orion ultimately kills him by ripping his heart out, which created a firepit of Apokolips from Darkseid’s chest cavity (in reference to the prophecy of their final battle).

Is Darkseid stronger than Thanos?

However, the answer is quite simple: Darkseid. Even if the two villains fought at the absolute peak of their powers, with Thanos armed wielding all the Infinity Stones and Darkseid possessing the Anti-Life Equation, there is a clear winner.