What Happened To Agatha In WandaVision?

What happened to Agatha at the end of WandaVision?

The Nosy Neighbor — Agatha Harkness isn’t dead… she’s just locked in Westview, forever.

Indeed, Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda ends up sparing her life but still punishes Agatha by turning her back into Agnes, the “Nosy Neighbor” character she so exuberantly pretended to be in WandaVision’s earlier episodes..

Does Agatha take Wanda’s powers?

Unlike the locals, Harkness does not fall under the control of Wanda’s powers. For most of the series, she poses as Wanda’s nosy neighbor Agnes and manipulates the “show” in various ways, such as using a Pietro Maximoff impersonator, Ralph Bohner, to get close to Wanda.

Did Agatha eat the Twins?

WandaVision’s surprising reveal in episode 7 may result in the invention that Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) devoured Scarlet Witch’s youngsters. She despatched a Quicksilver imposter to Wanda’s door and even killed Sparky, the boys’ new canine. …

What has Agatha done in WandaVision?

Not only did Agatha train Scarlet Witch, but she was also killed at the hands of her extremely powerful pupil. WandaVision could be setting up a similar story arc, in which Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) is swayed to the dark side before eventually seeing the light and turning on her teacher.

What did Agnes do to the twins in WandaVision?

In last week’s episode, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” Wanda let her neighbor, Agnes, babysit her twin sons so she could take a day to relax. When Wanda visits Agnes’s house later, however, the boys are nowhere to be found and Agnes reveals her true identity to Wanda: Agatha Harkness.

How powerful is Agatha Harkness MCU?

Harkness displaying her dark magic Master Sorceress: Agatha Harkness is a very powerful sorceress capable of manipulating mystical energy for a variety of effects, such as casting spells. Her mystic power manifests as purple energy. According to her, some of her dark powers took years of study to master.

Did Agatha Harkness bite a kid?

“I actually did bite a kid once.” WandaVision Episode 7 changed everything.

Is Agatha in Doctor Strange 2?

Kathryn Hahn might just return as Agatha Harkness in the upcoming movie Doctor Strange Part 2.

Why is Agatha Harkness in WandaVision?

Historically, Agatha has been a force for good in Wanda’s life. Or at least she has worked her magic from a place of care. On WandaVision, though, she’s a straight-up-and-down villain. It seems like her only aim was to drain Wanda of her powers so that she could potentially become the Scarlet Witch herself.

Is Agatha real WandaVision?

Agatha Harkness is WandaVision’s real villain, and her Salem Witch Trials backstory and origin explains why the MCU show never needed Mephisto. The big bad Thanos just made a cameo at the end of Avengers. That will most likely be the final reveal in a post credit scene who is the biggest bad.

Is Agatha Harkness good or evil?

7 Agatha Is A Powerful Witch Agatha Harkness hid her powers for a long time, but eventually, she revealed to the Fantastic Four that she was a witch. Not only was Agatha a witch, but she was a very powerful sorcerer, one of the strongest known at the time.

Is Agatha the villain in WandaVision?

Who Is Agatha Harkness in WandaVision? Agnes Revealed as Westview Marvel Villain.

Is Agatha more powerful than Wanda?

However, after the WandaVision finale, it’s clear the show’s real villain, Agatha Harkness, is way more powerful than the Mad Titan as she often surpasses Wanda, despite the outcome of their fight.

Will we see Agatha Harkness again?

But fans hoping to see her again can rest easy knowing that she’s still alive in the cinematic universe and that Kathryn Hahn does have an interest in returning. If you’d like to revisit or finally check out the MCU’s Agatha Harkness, you can do so by streaming WandaVision in its entirety on Disney+.

Will Agatha return WandaVision?

WandaVision villain Agatha Harkness was trapped in her Agnes persona in the finale, but she can return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Did Agatha kill WandaVision twins?

On the page, Agatha merely wiped Wanda’s memory so it was as though they never existed. On the show, however, she may have wiped them more literally from existence.

Why did Agatha kill Sparky?

Agatha killed Sparky because she wanted a reason for Wanda to use her powers. Why? Because she wanted to use it to build her basement “lair”. You see, when Sparky died, the twins asked their mom to bring her back to life.

Does Wanda kill Agatha?

Scarlet Witch They captured Agatha and killed her by burning her at the stake. … Wanda managed to capture some of the energy and funnel it away, but the entire town was still decimated.

Did Agnes kill Sparky?

WandaVision: Agnes Is So Wicked That She Gleefully Confessed to Killing Sparky.

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