What Rank Is Misaka?

Who are the top 7 Espers?

The 7 people are :Accelerator.

Accelerator is the 1st ranked Level 5 esper.

Kakine Teitoku AKA Dark Matter.

Kakine is the 2nd ranked Level 5 esper.

Mikoto Misaka AKA Railgun.

Mugino Shizuri AKA Meltdowner.

Shokuhou Misaki AKA Mental Out.

Aihana Etsu (Unconfirmed) …

Sogiita Gunha AKA The Strongest Gemstone..

Can Mikasa beat Touma?

Misaka Mikoto finally getting her win against Touma.

Who does Mikoto Misaka like?

ToumaMikoto had a crush on Touma for a long time but only realized that she had fallen in love with him near the end of the Acqua of the Back Arc.

Is accelerator stronger than Misaka?

The answer is no. Misaka comes nowhere near the power level that Accelerator has. The only ones who believe that Misaka is more powerful are the Misaka die-hard fans who think she can probably beat a god.

Is Misaka a level 6?

The only way Misaka can become a stable level 6 is if she is able to fully control electron transfer and ensure she does so only at will, and preferably not using her own body’s atoms…

What level is Misaka Mikoto?

Level 5She is the third ranked Level 5 esper in Academy City, and has been nicknamed Railgun due to her signature move.

Did Misaka worst die?

Despite Misaka Worst being a Level 4 and Accelerator a Level 5, he refuses to use his esper power against the assassin with the familiar face as he still most hold his promise. … But Misaka will attack Last Order once she’s killed you. Even if you stop her by force, Misaka will still die.

Does Misaka ever meet last order?

She sees Last Order (briefly) during the punishment game at the start of the Invasion Arc (before the invasion itself, of course), but she doesn’t really comment on it.

Is Touma a God?

Touma is a level 0 but can stop most espers ,magicans,church enforcers. He never stops Index who is actually closer to God. … The Roman Catholic Church declared him to be the number one enemy so that makes me think less him being God.

Who killed Mikoto?

Munakata ReisiThat’s also the reason why he died, he wanted to revenge his friend Totsuka Tatara, the number 3 in Homra. He were killed by the colorless king and as Mikoto kill him, he was killed by Munakata Reisi because if he didn’t do this a huge area would be destroyed and a lot of people would be dead.

Is Touma stronger than Misaka?

Alright so misaka has faced of against Touma like one or two times and the results are just, ‘Touma is really strong! Misaka can’t defeat him!

As a light novel character and love interest for a teenage male MC, Mikoto doesn’t have a lot of originality – each of her characteristics and personality traits are fairly common in anime/manga. … Yet when combined, she manages to maintain a huge fan base for 10 years and counting.

How old is Misaka Mikoto?

Mikoto MisakaAge12-13 years oldHeight161 cmSpeciesEsperBirthdayMay 226 more rows

Who is the strongest Esper in anime?

A Certain Magical Index: The Most Powerful Level 5 Espers, Ranked According To Strength1 Accelerator.2 Kakine Teitoku. … 3 Misaka Mikoto. … 4 Sogiita Gunha. … 5 Mugino Shizuri. … 6 Shokuhou Misaki. … 7 Aihana Eitsu. Sorry to disappoint you, but Aihana Eitsu isn’t actually a confused anime girl. … Dec 24, 2019

Is Touma immortal?

His nigh-immortality is not actually immortality, but it is because of a certain Magic God wanting to make him fall into despair.

How many Misaka clones are left?

Mikoto reveals that only 10 of the clones remain in the city and the others were sent out all over the world for their treatment. After Accelerator is shot in the head and is taken to a certain hospital, Misaka 10032 arrives to look out after Last Order.

Is Misaka the worst level 5?

Compared to the first 20,001 clones of Misaka Mikoto (all clones except Full Tuning), Misaka Worst’s physical form is a high school version of the Level 5 Electromaster. … In New Testament, Misaka Worst wears a pink and white aodai given to her by Yoshikawa Kikyou.

Is Misaka Mikoto dead?

Misaka 9982 in her final moments. … Misaka 9982 dies clutching the gift Mikoto gave to her, she is killed by having a train carriage thrown at her by Accelerator to crush her.

Does Misaka Mikoto love Touma?

Mikoto had a crush on Touma for a long time but she realized that she had fallen in love with him near the end of the Acqua of the Back Arc. … At the end of the Hawaiian Invasion Arc, Mikoto told Touma that she will bear his burdens with him and that he is not alone.

Who is stronger Touma vs accelerator?

Touma is stronger than Accelerator when it comes to their abilities. Why? Well, even though Accelerator has not only the versatility, but also the insane availability regarding what his ability can be used for, Touma can nullify the effects of his ability, hence making it much stronger than Accelerators.

Does Misaka Mikoto end up with Touma?

As such, no Misaka and Touma are not together and Touma doesn’t really have much obvious romantic desire beyond the basic “I’m a teenager and I have lust and vaguely want a girlfriend”. … It’s not a romance series, it’s a harem series.

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