Who Is Gwen’S Love Interest?

Who is the best couple in Total Drama?

Let’s explore some of the best and the worst couples in the show.10 Worst: Gwen & Trent.

9 Best: Duncan & Courtney.

8 Worst: Linsday & Tyler.

7 Best: Bridgette & Geoff.

6 Worst: Harold & Leshawna.

5 Best: Mike & Zoey.

4 Worst: Courtney & Scott.

3 Best: Emma & Noah.More items…•Dec 5, 2020.

Does Duncan have a crush on Gwen?

Around the time Total Drama World Tour starts, Gwen (who had broken up with Trent last season) falls in love with Duncan, but feels very uneasy about it, as Duncan is still dating Courtney. … In I See London…, the two eventually confess their feelings for each other by sharing their first kiss in the confessional.

Do Gwen and Trent end up together?

At the campfire ceremony, Gwen and Trent share a hug, finally becoming a couple.

Why did Gwen and Duncan break up?

However in Total Drama All-Stars, their relationship is one the rocks from the start, as Gwen seems to have lost interest in Duncan. In Moon Madness, she officially breaks up with him after his constant desire to grab Courtney’s attention makes Gwen realize that he still has feelings for her.

Is total drama coming back 2021?

On February 17, 2021, it was announced that the main series of Total Drama will return for two seasons and air on Cartoon Network and HBO Max.

What race is Courtney from TDI?

Courtney’s ethnicity remains unknown. However, due to her skin tone and hair texture, she may be Latina or Black. Tom McGillis (the male creator of Total Drama) has confirmed that she is South Asian. Todd Kauffman has also confirmed that she is Hispanic.

Who does Gwen end up with?

Gwen meets up with Duncan at Area 51 and despite Courtney’s antagonizing them, the two share their second kiss and officially become a couple.

Does Duncan end up with Gwen or Courtney?

Because of this, Duncan votes Courtney off and they break up. However, after the season finale, the two of them reconcile as a couple. They are shown in Celebrity Manhunt’s Total Drama Action Reunion Special to have broken up again, but they got back together by the end of the episode after a kiss on the bus.

Did Duncan or Beth win?

Eventually, two contestants were left standing: Beth (Sarah Gadon) and Duncan (Drew Nelson). The Total Drama Action winner was Duncan. Beth wins in the alternate ending.

Why is Trent obsessed 9?

Trent reveals that his obsession originated with a toy train that his grandfather gave him and shortly before he died a wheel fell off, leaving only nine the toy had only nine wheels, Trent’s mother convinced him to use this as his lucky number.

Who does Courtney end up with in total drama?

Regardless of who wins the season, she ends up getting back together with Duncan, but come the events of Celebrity Manhunt’s Total Drama Action Reunion Special, they broke up again due to a fight they had at dinner and a custody fight over a pet raccoon they owned.

Who liked Gwen total drama?

Gwen is the former love interest of Trent and Duncan and is Cody’s crush from the Total Drama series. She is one of the main cast until Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

Are Courtney and Gwen dating?

Gwen and Courtney’s friendship comes to an end in Total Drama World Tour, after Gwen shows disloyalty… … In the beginning of Total Drama World Tour, Courtney and Duncan are still a couple, while Gwen, on the other hand, has indeed fallen in love with him.

Did Gwen or Owen win?

Despite competing against each other, throughout the challenge, the two constantly praise and give encouragement to each other. In Owen’s ending, Owen beats Gwen after Izzy manages to attract Owen to the finish line using brownies. Despite her loss, Gwen doesn’t seem to be disappointed and was happy for him.

Do Heather and Alejandro end up together?

However, Heather (well-known for her greed and countless amounts of betrayals) betrays him by kneeing him in the groin and tossing him off of the volcano, saying that “boys are okay, but a million dollars is way better!” They finally become a couple in the All-Stars finale.

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