Who Is The Best Defender In MCOC?

Is Sorcerer Supreme a good defender MCoC?

Sorcerer Supreme doesn’t look to be more than a diversity-level defender at this point.

Her special attacks are fairly easy to dodge, and she doesn’t benefit from any of the common defensive tactics..

Is Colossus a good defender?

He’s a good specialized champ, like Aegon. On the other hand, Colossus, you can bring him almost anywhere in the game, and, he’s a hell of a defender in war. Bottom line is, it depends on your personal appreciation of a champ.

Is Elsa Bloodstone good MCOC?

She is a good counter to evade champs. And she also has some heal block at the start of the fight if you run suicides. She has 50% reduction to incinerates and coldsnap. And she has good amount of utility by this way.

Does Archangel need to be awakened?

So what tier would u think then? I think he’s great, I have him at 5/50 unduped and his neurotoxins do a ridiculous amount of damage, makes a lot of fights significantly easier. Awakening him would be really nice since it does shut down healing. Damage is still good but he needs to be awakened to be really good.

Is warlock good MCOC?

A small taste of Warlock’s ability to dominate endgame content: He’s an effective solution to roughly 80% of ‘problem’ fights in the endgame. Has all sorts of top tier uses in AW, AQ, All 4 Variants, Act 5 and Act 6! He stops his unstoppable and unblockable as well.

How do you activate Killmonger true strike?

Synergy Bonuses Killmonger: 30% chance to activate True Strike when intercepting the opponent’s Dash.

Who is the best character in MCoC?

Top 10 Characters in “Marvel: Contest of Champions”Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) in “MCoC”Star-Lord in “MCoC”Hulk (Ragnarok) in “MCoC”Iceman in “MCoC”Domino in “MCoC”Thing in MCoC.Corvus Glaive in “MCoC”Iron Man (Infinity War) in “MCoC”More items…•Sep 1, 2020

Is Killmonger a good defender MCoC?

Killmonger is a high-utility Skill champ that relies on Bleeds and targeted use of special attacks to break down opponent’s defenses. He doesn’t have a complicated ramp-up for damage, but you do need to know which specials and abilities you are looking to maximize during the fight to get the most out of him.

Is Hulk Ragnarok good MCOC?

His playstyle makes him a really good interceptor, which is good for say Annihilus or any champ that you need to intercept. He’s a Hulk, so he’s also poison immune. Overall, he’s very solid, and you have a good pull here. To be clear, Hulk Ragnarok is no better on Degeneration nodes than most other champs.

Who is the strongest champion in contest of champions?

VOTING RESULTS ARE IN!Mephisto 18.05% (20,148 votes)Ghost Rider 12.8% (14,289 votes)Doctor Voodoo 12.09% (13,497 votes)Scarlet Witch 10.57% (11,799 votes)Magik 8.38% (9,359 votes)Dormammu 7.09% (7,914 votes)Guillotine 7% (7,810 votes)Doctor Strange 5.37% (5,995 votes)More items…

Is Nova a good defender?

Nova has the potential to be a solid, possibly great alliance war defender. Any champion that has auto-block and can generate power is going to get a kill once-in-a-while. Furthermore, if struck with a true strike, unblockable or guaranteed critical hit, the opponent has -70% attack rating (sorry Corvus and Ghost).

Is Havok a good defender?

He is a great defender. He seems good for your roster as he is a pretty good dps. In my opinion, he might not be up between your other 4, but its close. Hes a great champ, both attack and defender, with great damage on specials.

Is terrax good in MCOC?

Terrax’s most powerful weapon is his Rock Field. It is his primary damage source and provides him with Indestructible Charges. It also has a chance to Armor Break the Opponent which is great against Tech Champions like Ghost!

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